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Sleep & Skin Hydration Go Hand in Hand

February 06, 2018

Sleep & Skin Hydration Go Hand in Hand


You’ve heard the term “beauty sleep” before, but do you know how important sleep actually is if you want healthy, supple skin? Our bodies do amazing things while we’re asleep, like rebuilding muscle, cementing new memories, and promoting cell turnover. Understanding how skin is repaired at night is the first step to waking up with glowing skin every morning!

While you are asleep, your skin goes through many different stages. While you are falling asleep, the body releases Melatonin which not only makes you sleepy, but repairs skin from damage incurred during the day. As you drift into deeper sleep, your body releases even more skin-loving hormones like HGH. Human growth hormone is responsible for big things like repairing DNA cells and maintaining brain function, but it also speeds up the skin’s repair process. Over the course of the night, your skin cell regeneration speed can double or even triple. This means your skin is saying goodbye to damaged, aging cells and hello to fresh skin.

You may be asking: “If my body is already doing so much to turn over cells at night, do I even need to do anything to help it along?” The answer is yes. While your body is doing some pretty awesome things, there are ways to make your beauty sleep even more productive.

As the night goes on, your skin becomes extremely porous. While that makes nighttime great for absorbing skin care products, it also means that your skin is losing intense amounts of moisture. That’s where your nightly moisturizer comes in. In addition to providing your skin with key nutrients, skin cream acts as a barrier that traps moisture in. With a moisturizer like eb5’s Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Cream, your skin will remain moisturized all night and leave you with fresh skin when you wake up.

While beauty sleep may be an idea made up by fairytales, there’s no denying the connection between a good night's sleep and healthy skin. Applying eb5 skin cream at night can help ensure that you get all of the benefits of sleep, plus a few more! Time for bed!