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5 Ways Your Office Job is Aging You

May 16, 2019

5 Ways Your Office Job is Aging You

A recent study discovered that women who sit 10 hours or more per day have cells that are biologically EIGHT YEARS OLDER than those who are more active. You wear sunscreen when you're at the beach, make sure to apply chapstick to keep your lips from cracking, and never leave the house without first applying your eb5 Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Skin Cream. But if you aren't thinking about your skin while you're at work, you are missing out on a huge opportunity - and one which can stave off wrinkles and crow's feet even longer.



We all know that exercise is the key to a happier, healthier life. But those of us that work in front of a computer all day can find it hard to make time for walks around the block, a lunch time work out, or even a good stretching session. Finding yourself plunked down in a chair all day? Try setting a timer on your phone or setting a calendar reminder so you'll know to stand up and shake out your limbs every 90 minutes or so. Just a little bit of movement can go a LONG way when it comes to letting your body know you're still kicking.


Working in spreadsheets can be exhausting, both mentally and for your eyes. Even if you aren't looking at numbers all day, chances are you'll need to read smaller text, your eyes get dried out, or you are simply concentrating so hard that you find yourself looking beady-eyed into the monitor. Either way, squinting isn't just for the sun anymore. One great thing to try is zooming in on your text. It's super simple to do.

In Windows: click on "Ctrl" and "+". If you are a Mac user, you'll want to click "Command" and "+". 

Also super important? Don't forget your eye cream. Using a vitamin-rich eye cream both during both the morning and night can help keep the skin around your eyes pliable and smooth. Pro tip? Keep an extra jar in your desk at work for those especially squinty days. (At only $19.99 per jar, your eyes and your pocketbook will thank you.)


Let's face it, we don't all have time to take an hour for lunch. Our workdays are packed with meetings, to-do lists, and random tasks that we never see coming. Generally, that can lead us to grabbing a bag of chips at our desks or ordering food from the greasy spoon down the street. A healthy diet is just as important to keeping your body in shape as exercise, if not more so. Find a little time for meal prep on the weekends and plan out your lunches for the week. You'll save money, feel better, and your body will thank you! Bored of eating the same thing day in and day out? Find some friends in the office who want to get on the meal prep train and do a swap on Monday! This way, you'll have different healthy meals throughout the week and you'll get to try everyone else's cooking!


When sitting at a desk, it's hard to stay on top of your posture. After all, you work in an office, not a ballet company! Slouching isn't only bad for your appearances, it weakens your upper body strength, changes your breathing, and can even result in severe headaches. Know you shouldn't be doing it but still finding yourself hunched over by lunchtime? Try this - every time you do a repetitive action during the day (sending an email, changing tabs on your browser, transferring a phone call, etc) end that action by checking your posture and straightening up. Reminding yourself dozens of times per day will help you reinforce your body's natural tendencies, and you will find yourself sitting up straighter - and breathing easier - in no time.


You have an office job so you're inside during the time of day when the sun is most damaging. You don't need to apply sunscreen, right? WRONG! In fact, fluorescent lights emit UV rays, just like the sun! While you may not be able to get a tan just by typing away at your 9-5, you are certainly prematurely aging your skin (and gaining wrinkles) if you aren't taking proper steps to protect yourself. Using a daily moisturizer with SPF of at least 15 will help you keep UV rays at bay while promoting elasticity and plumping of the skin. Our favorite? Obviously eb5's SPF 15 Ultra Light Face Cream. Formulated with the same, amazing 5-in-1 features of our flagship Face Cream, this product boasts broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that is just what you need to keep your skin happy and healthy under those harsh office lights.