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Our History

For more than six decades, eb5 has been the affordable anti-aging skincare line that people have tried, loved, and trusted ever since — in that order. Rewind to the fifties, where eb5’s original, flagship cream was created by Pharmacist Heldfond. The cream was used to deliver medicine to treat burn victims in local, Portland, Oregon hospitals. But the nurses who witnessed its healing properties demanded a non-medicinal version of the cream to use on their own skin — essentially as a wrinkle cream. The intense healing properties of the cream became the inspiration for the original eb5 formula, created with Vitamin E and B5.

That same wrinkle cream, the one that customers looked for in JcPenney stores many years ago, still exists today, peach jar and all. There’s even an updated formula of the bestselling facial cream, made with a plant-based preservative; but unfortunately, eb5 is no longer sold in JcPenney’s stores.

But, good news — over time, even more amazingly gentle, effective, and non-irritating products joined the eb5 collection of anti-aging skincare that people began to recognize and trust — and to this day, the collection continues to grow. From creams and cleansers, to serums and eye treatment, eb5 anti-aging skin care nourishes, protects and treats the signs of aging with only simple, pure ingredients that truly work.  

eb5 once called Portland, Oregon home, but in May 2017, they packed their bags and  are now headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Feel free to reach out with any questions about our pure and simple anti-aging skincare products! We are always here to help.


4444 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28209
Toll-Free: 800-683-2325
Fax: 720-465-6654