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eb5 Anti-Aging Moisturizers — What's the Difference?

September 15, 2017

eb5 Anti-Aging Moisturizers — What's the Difference?

If you've been a long time eb5 customer, you've probably chosen your preference in either of our moisturizers. (We added a third, with SPF protection if you haven't checked that one out.) 


But if you're new to eb5, you might be wondering about the main differences in our two most popular moisturizers. At one point, our Classic Formula facial cream (the one in the peach packaging) was the only moisturizer we offered. Fast forward many, many years and a reformulated facial cream was created and it was packaged in the blue jar and box. 


We didn't get rid of the Classic formula. They're both still available and live happily together at our eb5 headquarters until they are shipped to your front door for you to love and enjoy. 


So what exactly is the difference between the the two eb5 moisturizers? It’s a simple matter of preference and a very acute preference at that, because the two facial creams are actually kind of similar!


They deliver the same nourishing benefits that hydrate and plump dry or mature skin, and offer anti-aging benefits from powerful, soothing ingredients that aging skin needs. 


They possess the same, rich and creamy consistency that not only feels nice, by absorbs quickly into the skin giving you a bright, glowing complexion.


They are both fragrance-free and are made with the same main ingredients — Vitamin E and Vitamin B5.


The main difference lies in what keeps them fresh, otherwise known as, the preservative.


The Classic Facial Cream in the peach box contains parabens, a chemical preservative found in hundreds of thousands of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Parabens preserve the product and keep it fresh. But, it is a chemical preservative and those who want to adhere to a more natural lifestyle might choose the updated facial formula found in the blue jar. Why? 


Because the 5-in-1 Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Cream in the blue box is formulated with a plant-based preservative. That’s the only difference. The plant-based preservative makes it little cleaner, a little more eco-friendly and it may be more gentle on certain skin types, especially those that are particularly sensitive to lab-created ingredients and harsh chemicals. 


class eb5 face cream


So, what's your preference?

Some of our customers prefer the Classic formula face cream because they love the results it has given them year after year. It’s just one of those things — if it works, why switch?

And some customers try the cream in the blue box and love it all the same… because the two products really are quite similar. Regardless of whether you prefer the old or the new, they’re both available to treat signs of aging, moisturize your skin and make you look and feel younger!